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The Migrants’ Song

Los Angeles. 1953…

Aldous Huxley lifts a water glass to his lips and the freeways turn and point to a new Bethlehem.

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The Secret Government

Who is Merlin, the deadly Pentagon hacker inside the heart of the Secret Government?

And who is hunting the hunter?

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Stephen Leo Davis joins the revolution in e-publishing

Two debut novels are arriving in the Amazon Kindle bookshop – The Secret Government, a compelling political cyber-thriller, and The Migrants’ Song, a love story set in Hollywood at the moment the modern age is born.

“My Own Voice”

Writers are being steadily stripped of their individual voices in the world of mass-marketing – hence the astonishing success of e-books. The individual voice is what always mattered most about being a writer ­- to readers as much as to authors.

The Secret Government is a controversial and uncompromising look at a contemporary story inspired by real events. It’s a page-turner, says Stephen, but to write it he had to learn the dark arts behind the hacking of the world’s most secure military networks.

The Migrants’ Song unfolds an equally controversial moment in modern history. It explores the first recorded hallucinogenic trip – Aldous Huxley’s famous experiment with the drug mescaline in Los Angeles in 1953.

Stephen wrote the book in Los Angeles, which he describes as a ‘hallucination of a city’. It’s been a ten-year journey to bring The Migrants’ Song to the public, and with The Secret Government marks his double debut as a novelist after a long and highly successful career as a screenwriter.






Strip joint-owner Jack Ruby, the Dallas Mob, the CIA and the assassination of JFK.

Starring Danny Aiello and Sherilyn Fenn.
Directed by John MacKenzie.
Screenplay by Stephen Davis from his play Love Field.

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Double Agent

Tommy Lee Jones stars as CIA officer Steve Daley trying to unravel the riddle of high-level KGB defector Yuri Nosenko (Oleg Rudnik).

The real-life espionage case that started a secret war inside the CIA.

Screenplay by Stephen Davis.

View the details for the film at the IMDB

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