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Who is Merlin, the deadly Pentagon hacker inside the heart of the Secret Government?

And who is hunting the hunter?

The Secret Government

A new novel by Stephen Leo Davis, now available in the Amazon Kindle Store


Los Angeles. 1953 Aldous Huxley lifts a water glass to his lips and the freeways turn and point to a new Bethlehem.

The Migrants' Song

A new novel by Stephen Leo Davis, now available in the Amazon Kindle Store

Cybercrime and the state

GCHQ Cheltenham

GCHQ Cheltenham

The UK government wants GCHQ, its super-surveillance centre in Cheltenham, to sell cyber security software to British firms.  Perhaps they have already downloaded a copy of The Secret Government.  GCHQ is just up the road from where I researched and wrote the book.  It took me a month or so using published sources to learn how to hack secure military networks – not that I put any of it into practice.

I was inspired by the Gary McKinnon case but had been interested in hackers for many years, interviewing computing guru Stephen Levy at his Newsweek office in New York around the time he was publishing Hackers, and later interviewing the Oxford mathematician Stephen Deutsch, who is doing pioneering work on quantum computing.

A television producer with whom I worked on the Horizon science series wrote this week –

I found the Secret Government to be very gripping, so much so that I missed stops on trains etc!”

– while a former senior RAF electronic engineer wrote  –

After the first two or three pages I was hooked. This book is meticulously researched, and is a totally credible picture of US inter-service rivalries. It fits perfectly with my own experience of those similar rivalries within the US intelligence community forty years ago, brought bang up to date with a penetrating understanding of the American military psyche post 9/11. A brilliant novel by a seriously professional writer who has a deep understanding of the subject matter. It deserves to be a huge success.”






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