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Who is Merlin, the deadly Pentagon hacker inside the heart of the Secret Government?

And who is hunting the hunter?

The Secret Government

A new novel by Stephen Leo Davis, now available in the Amazon Kindle Store


Los Angeles. 1953 Aldous Huxley lifts a water glass to his lips and the freeways turn and point to a new Bethlehem.

The Migrants' Song

A new novel by Stephen Leo Davis, now available in the Amazon Kindle Store

Geeks Bearing Gifts

I’m on the cover of this winter’s edition of The Writer, the magazine of The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, sharing my voyage of self-discovery up the virtual Amazon.

If you want to know about geeks, gifts, alligators with dripping jaws, and what it feels like speed towards the sun armed only with a glow-in-the-dark Timberland watch, this article is for you.

It will go online on the WGGB website in the new year, and I will link it back to my site here.

With millions of new Kindles sold, and good reviews flooding in for The Secret Government and The Migrants’ Song, it’s going to be a breezy New Year in e-publishing.

Stephen Leo Davis on e-publishing

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Strip joint-owner Jack Ruby, the Dallas Mob, the CIA and the assassination of JFK.

Starring Danny Aiello and Sherilyn Fenn.
Directed by John MacKenzie.
Screenplay by Stephen Davis from his play Love Field.

See Ruby at the IMDB

Double Agent

Tommy Lee Jones stars as CIA officer Steve Daley trying to unravel the riddle of high-level KGB defector Yuri Nosenko (Oleg Rudnik).

The real-life espionage case that started a secret war inside the CIA.

Screenplay by Stephen Davis.

View the details for the film at the IMDB

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