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Who is Merlin, the deadly Pentagon hacker inside the heart of the Secret Government?

And who is hunting the hunter?

The Secret Government

A new novel by Stephen Leo Davis, now available in the Amazon Kindle Store


Los Angeles. 1953 Aldous Huxley lifts a water glass to his lips and the freeways turn and point to a new Bethlehem.

The Migrants' Song

A new novel by Stephen Leo Davis, now available in the Amazon Kindle Store


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Sorry to say that the teething problems and general opacity of website development has meant that the Contact mechanism for this site has not been functioning and messages have apparently been lost in cyberspace.

The problem has been rectified but there is no way I can recover the lost messages meanwhile. Feel free to contact me.


More Angels – or Now is the Winter of Our Discount Tents

My recent post on the Conservation Angels Awards seems to have touched a nerve with more than 200 people coming here to read it.

Was it sour grapes?  Have I broken some ethical code in biting a hand that offered to feed us?  I don’t think so.  I was glad to be a finalist and to be given a platform – but why shouldn’t I try to use mine as effectively as any other media operation uses theirs?

Conservation skills training as with all vocational training for young people in this country is in deep trouble. … Continue reading

Fallen Angels

Maybe the morning after isn’t the right moment to reflect on failing to win a beauty contest, but yesterday Woodchester Mansion Trust lost out as one of the four finalists in the Best Craftsmanship in the Rescue of an Historical Building at Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s inaugural Conservation Angel Awards.

Seven members of the Trust had paid hefty rail fares to get to the awards at the Palace Theatre in London (home of Les Miserables, of whom I was one by the end of proceedings) and would have left empty-handed but for Councillor Keith Pearson of Stroud District Council.

We were… Continue reading

Conservation Angel Awards – Palace Theatre London Monday 31st October

Representing Woodchester Mansion Trust tomorrow in the finals of the national Conservation Angel Awards at The Palace Theatre in London tomorrow with awards sponsor Andrew Lloyd-Webber.

Host is Clare Balding;  judges include TV presenter Bettany Hughes, Robert Chartres, Bishop of London, and Simon Thurley, CEO of English Heritage.

Media partners are The Daily Telegraph and BBC2 Culture Show.

Bath College Masonry student Jitka Palmer and her carving at Wodchester Mans

Bath College Masonry student Jitka Palmer and her carving at Woodchester Mansion

BBC Culture Show

We’re filming at Woodchester Mansion on Tuesday next (28th September) for the BBC Culture Show, to be shown on BBC2 in the week beginning September 29th.  I’ll do an interview and as usual try to share with the world the importance of training a new generation of young craftsmen – we’ll have the student stonemasons of Bath College on site, finishing what has been twenty years work on one of the Mansion’s exterior gables.

I’ve done a lot of television interviews at Woodchester over recent years, including Channel 4’s Country House Rescue and ITV’s CountryWise.  The trick is… Continue reading


Strip joint-owner Jack Ruby, the Dallas Mob, the CIA and the assassination of JFK.

Starring Danny Aiello and Sherilyn Fenn.
Directed by John MacKenzie.
Screenplay by Stephen Davis from his play Love Field.

See Ruby at the IMDB

Double Agent

Tommy Lee Jones stars as CIA officer Steve Daley trying to unravel the riddle of high-level KGB defector Yuri Nosenko (Oleg Rudnik).

The real-life espionage case that started a secret war inside the CIA.

Screenplay by Stephen Davis.

View the details for the film at the IMDB

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