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“In the title role Danny Aiello gives a performance…  that builds to tragic stature.” Phillip Kemp Sight and Sound

“…unreasonably watchable…… it may indicate that we’re attending the birth of a new movie subgenre, a specific kind of film noir…” Vincent Canby,  The New York Times

“…powerful character study cum murder mystery…” Washington Post

“… a better film than JFK, both in terms of its dramatic effectiveness and the plausibility of its particular conspiracy theory…”  Wade Major, Entertainment Today

“Rich and searching…”  Entertainment Weekly

“Aiello is terrific as Ruby, a tough outsider who never quite was. Fenn turns in a performance hotter than a cup of Twin Peaks java as the power-seeking stripper, looking Monroe-like with her platinum blond locks and classic features.”  Variety

Ruby is far from a clone of JFK. A wonderfully gossipy biography, it portrays the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald as a has-been Mafia henchman looking for a way back into the godfather’s good graces.. The way writer Stephen Davis adds up the clues — factual and speculative — the CIA conspired with the Mafia against Kennedy, who was out to dismantle both organizations.

Aiello and Fenn, who play off each other as comfortably as a father-daughter sitcom team, are surrounded by a fine furtive lot of supporting players. Most notable are Arliss Howard as a maniacally threatening CIA operative and Tobin Bell as the menacing David Ferrie, an anti-Cuban-connected mobster who was ludicrously portrayed by Joe Pesci in “JFK.”  Washington Post

Ruby is in general far less hysterical than Oliver Stone’s drama, perhaps because it was made by Englishmen. Davis’s screenplay, which he adapted from his stage play Love Field is directed by John Mackenzie, who did the 1980 gangster drama The Long Good Friday…Washington Post

“Though Ruby is bound to suffer in comparison to Oliver Stone’s JFK … nevertheless a quietly engrossing contribution to the Kennedy assassination myth. In its dreamy, elegiac mixing of history and fiction, Ruby is closer in tone to E.L. Doctorow’s works than to the muckraking tabloid antics of Stone’s epic.”  TV Guide

“Ruby is a bafflingly multi-faceted character, and Aiello pulls out all the stops in portraying the whole ingratiating, generous, sentimental, homicidal, paranoid mess. Writer Stephen Davis drafts Candy into JFK’s bed, and plasters her with blood from the President’s assassination in Dealey Plaza – without straining credulity.”  Time Out

“… a gem”  SM Herald

a brilliant film… Ignore JFK, check out history’s greatest footnote, Jack Ruby.”  Your Sinclair



“Tommy Lee Jones gives one of the strongest acting jobs of his career.” Miles Beller, Hollywood Reporter

“One of the best real-life spy stories ever to be dramatized on the small screen…”  US Daily News

“An intense, witty, visually scintillating film…” Washington Post

“Writer Stephen Davis showed a positive genius… a joy to view.” George V. Higgins, Wall Street Journal

“Precisely what television should be about at its best. It tells a crucially important story in an elegant fashion, with a script that calls for the most communion with watchers.  Nosenko is the kind of television that makes you happy that there is such a thing as television.”  Ben Stein, Los Angeles Herald

“…simply fascinating, an eyeful, mindful and spyful… meticulously staged, superbly written, directed and acted … keeps you on edge and in the dark…”  Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times

As a drama Nosenko is a beauty.” Chicago Herald.



John Shrapnel in The Intelligence Man

“…persuaded me that there be something to the dramatized documentary form after all. Brilliantly written by Stephen Davis…”  New Scientist

“Riveting…” Daily Telegraph

“Smashing…” Daily Mail

“Ingenious…” The Times







“Stephen Davis shakes different spokes of his spider’s web so you run this way and that looking for the fly…” Nancy Banks-Smith, The Guardian

“Absorbing and insinuating…”  Maureen Paton, Daily Express

“Stephen Davis’s gripper of a medical thriller…”  Biddy Crews Daily Mail







“The Bush …strikes gold again with Stephen Davis’s Love Field… essential viewing for anyone who loves a mystery…”  City Limits

“The play is a vitriolic strip cartoon… lethally effective, like a dirty razor blade” John Peter, The Sunday Times

“…riveting and entertaining theatre the dialogue crackles with low-life wisecracks and blood-curdling threats”  Charles Spencer, London Daily News




Donald Sumpter in Contacts by Stephen Davis

“Stephen Davis’s brilliant play puts paid to The Deer Hunter’s version of Vietnam, sparely and impressionistically exploring the degradation of the war… stunning economy and imagination.”  Sally Belfrage, The Observer

“The portrayal of the GI platoon… echoed at times with that fine anti-war film The Hill, told with the same economy of style…”     Martin Jackson Daily Mail

“Imaginatively complex…”  Sean Day-Lewis  The Daily Telegraph






John Shrapnel as Andrei Sakharov



“A fine tribute… also an effort to understand. ” Peter Fiddick, The Guardian



Alan Rickman in Busted




“Tantalising and entertaining… a polished entertainment…”  Peter Fiddick, The Guardian



Maria Warburg and John Poole in The Dissolution of Marcus Fleishman

“Brilliantly funny…”  The Listener

“Mr Davis’s TV debut is most auspicious and indicates both a level of ambition and an ability to execute a design far higher than that possessed by most of the medium’s loudly renowned writers.”    Jonathan Meades, Time Out

“An ironic, sensitive, special sort of play…” Nancy Banks-Smith, The Guardian



Richard Pasco and David Wood in Trouble With Gregory




“…plays productively upon delusion, illusion and allusion. … a visual poem… Richard Pasco is excellent…” Time Out




The Last Elephant by Stephen Davis

The Last Elephant by Stephen Davis

“This extremely bright comedy marks the theatre debut of Stephen Davis… beautifully directed…Jennifer Hillary and Alan Rickman are perfectly cast…” Michael Coveney, Financial Times












“Mr Davis works in a mode so knowingly and symmetrically handled as to be a pleasure in itself …” Robert Cushman, The Observer

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